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Ok ive had sleep and feel like i could have a chance for this

Char Class = Guardian
Weapon Type Crush/Slash/Whip I put three weapon types since the build will work with all and the whip is for the best tank
Build Type 140, 39, 140, 1
No de-lvling until Level Cap.

Strategy lvl 1-19.
level melee and defense evenly to lvl 19. Melee go 2str to 1 dex. Defense go all dur for now.
Level Class enhancement and epicurious

Pick between slash and crush for weapon at these levels (slash has more) and level its stat. The rest of the melee skills are important (except peircing and dont lvl 2h) try to keep close to your level but it is ok if some lag behind. Critical strike would be my second in importance. For protection suiting and blocking are very important keep them at your lvl if not higher. Keep testudo at your shield's lvl. Also lvl up parry especialy if using slashers. In the magic skills lvl the first skill in each sorcery, diabloism, mindbending, and work on green black grey and blue magic. (you can work on beastmastery now if you want but other than petmanship not needed yet but i recomend to get a head start)at least get pet up to 18 for the chippie

Additional skills to lvl wizardry (to 10) gem handling (keep at your lvl). Also adventuring keep all round your lvl.

In archery lvl well archery to get a bow for opening shot at a later time when you can dual weild and testudo wont matter unless tanking

Shoud be using 20 armor for now unless your energetic and want the 25 and using either a bloodclaw (if slash) or a ball and chain (crush)

At lvl 19 you should be fighting in north passage

should beable to solo orc camp boss

Enchantments to aim for. Go for strength enchants +str -mre

Strategy lvl20-39. Continue only lvling melee and defense melee still 2 str to 1 dex. Def start adding points to all three 1 agi 1 cnt 1 dur

New skills added. more stuff to lvl in melee first priority is to lvl dual weild to 20. after than double attack and slash/crush spec. In defense dual parry.
In stats more skills that dont affect lvl add class specilization to your lvl list

Skills to focus on and their approx lvl. Keep up your old skills in all catagories. In melee add dual weild double attack and slash/crush spec. Defense add dual parry and when tanking deflective shield. Magic skills about the same if wanted add in eternity and for tanking replay and aggravation. Same for the rest.

Roughly what Equipment you should be using. Using the 36 armor or 39 if you like epics. For weapons use either emerald enchanted broadsword (slash) or cursed pommel (crush)

Area you should be in at lvl 39. Fighting in bat caves

Boss you should be able to solo. Bat caves possible VD1

Enchantments to aim for. Now you can continue with str i would also suggest adding agi enchants and for pvp dur enchants

Strategy lvl40-59. Keep up with the melee and defense same distribution 2 str:1 dex and 1agi:1cnt:1dur

New skills added. New skills to lvl is (you get a new skill in stats but seriously who dies?) melee you get 4 and will be lvling 3 of those defense you get 4 and will lvl all of those. beastmastery get 3 (guess what this is where you can become a great tank) explain later

Skills to focus on and their approx lvl. Same old skills keep around your current lvl and add in slash smash and presicion. (level the slashing skills now even if you chose crush and same with crush if slash) this is the good times for crushers and whips. Defense add in all of your new skills great for tanking. Nothing new for magic. Now if you havent already get all beastmastery skills up. These will now be your tanking setup

Roughly what Equipment you should be using. Either the 58 epic or if you dont like epics use the 63. for weapons i would highly recommend the blood spike mace (crush) if you dont want to use that i would say blue crystal axe (slash) both are epics if you dont have the abilty to get/or use epics the 61 crusher is good and not sure with slash... crushers are best at this time anyway.

Area you should be in at lvl 59. Arena Isle is a good place to farm

Boss you should be able to solo. Sea lion tyrant and very likely the Geyser Overlord

Enchantments to aim for. Now you wont notice as much difference with the str enchants. Go for agi and dur enchants with a few str if you arent doing your max yet

Strategy lvl60-80. you will reach your max melee and def during this time at 140 you will also add in your magic puting points solely into cnc melee and magic will stay the same

New skills added. gaining 2 new sets in this time. Only 2 new skills in melee. protection give you 2 new ones too but only improved bash is nessisary. you get 2 new skills in beastmastery also. no usefull ones added to magic catagories

Skills to focus on and their approx lvl. Like before continue with your old ones and add on the new skills. new to lvl are both the new melee strike though and deathblow. in protection level improved bash. level all the new beastmastery skills.

Roughly what Equipment you should be using. 81 slash, 86 crush, 74 whip for tanking, boa and owl for pets. boa on whip side when tanking

Area you should be in at lvl 80. Mount whitecap, great plateau, halycon rapids

Boss you should be able to solo. 86

Enchantments to aim for. pure dur

Level Cap.
Final Stats Distribution. 140, 39, 140, 1 approxamently a 300, 300, 400 in defense
Whats Skills you should now focus on for your build. most of the tier 1 and 2 skills should be brough up to 80 with little trouble and some took over. The most important ones brought up higher like crush,slash, suiting, blocking, testudo. the later skills are much harder and should be brought up as high as possible.
Guide to De-lvling. only de-lvling needed would be to get enchants or fix build if you level recovery or something to get to 80 faster
Enchantments to aim for. pure dur to get the proper def to tank will make you have low def skills so to get them to a good amount distribute in agi and cnt then if any is left dur if not enchant dur to around 400.

I only would use the whip while tanking since it isnt the best dual wielding but has the skills needed for a tank.
Some gems that are a must with this build are taunts and gaia's. Also some auras are needed like the sloth and the blue, black, red, ect resistance auras. Together with your skills makes the guardian very hard to do good amounts of damage too and even more difficult to hit with gems. All in all a guardian is the ultimate tank, yet is still good solo dual wielding. It is a very difficult build but is awarding in the end when you can do things no one else can as good as you can.

EDIT: Skills will be in the 70's to 80's with the first tiers. The later ones will not be as high the less important only in 50's with only the most important ones raised even higher. The final tier will not be lvled very high at all because of the difficulty involved but can be raised as high as wanted i would say that these would end in the 40's

EDIT #2: The stat distrobution that I put is for tanking. For other times you will want less agi and cnt and more dur. Also when farming you would want to have str enchants along with others. For duels go all out on Dur to jack up your max hp.

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