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Originally Posted by Lancelo View Post
English is not my first language , but i don't see what CNT has to do with a 4% or 5% ability to prevent (from Epic Pets) :S how would you make that work, if my pet has 200+30cnt would i get X% more chances depending on my Pet CNT to prevent?
The Pet prevents not you in that scenario. CNT give your char a natural ability to resist magic effects just like the mobs.

Originally Posted by Lancelo View Post
What i really would like to know because im a little confuse (i blame it on the language) What is a magic effect, those that come from Death, Psych and Life cause my magician has bonus to Blue and Red magic Effects i am guessing is just Gems Effects right?
Magic Effects come from gems. Consider your skills as character abilities, not effects.

Originally Posted by Lancelo View Post
Either my english is pretty bad or the description is kinda bad.. ( cause i assume burning is a red magic effect but i dont get any bonus out of it when i do Burning Soul, i know is it a "Death magic effect" but where are the red magic effects or blue? only from gems right?
burning soul is a character ability, not effect....... and probably should be reworded.

Originally Posted by Lancelo View Post
Wouldn't it be easy for people that don't have English as a first language to change that description to red/blue magic gems ? or red/blue magic GEMS effects.
Even people who speak english don't always understand it either. And putting "Gems" will just create more questions such as "is it DD or DoT?"....
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