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Gold CAP + PILG + 5th gem pouch = Logic MADNESS
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Default Gold CAP + PILG + 5th gem pouch = Logic MADNESS

Macro Perspective:
I'm honestly against raising gold cap, just because I never suffered from it before, always had things to invest into but most others are only interested in 1-2 things in the game, and when that becomes too long term or finished they start hoarding TCs instead... THAT problem specifically is THOSE people.

Micro Perspective:
However guess what I found out yesterday...
Imagine you are on a Pilgrimage and not getting Gold chests, you get to JUST ABOUT 50m and you want to unlock the 5th Pouch (a valid in game option) for exactly 50M.
I'm talking about a long caster pilgrimage that is done By a Sane PERSON (debatable on the "sane" part but at least not on the person part...) and takes SLIGHTLY longer than 14 or 22 days.
so since you can't get chests you would want to trade from an alt to get to 50M... you trade just enough, then goblins take their tax... few trades later you hit 49,999,999 gold.
Now here starts the fun part, if you trade 1 gold goblins take it all and you stay at 49,999,999.
if you trade 2+ gold it fails since you are going over gold cap already (in pre tax values) and yet again you stay at 49,999,999.
same logic applies to AH trades, so that option is also ruled out.
That is when you go to a freaking store, stab people angrily along the way and STS A SINGLE SILK to FINALLY ACTUALLY be able to unlock the damn in game option...
I'm... DONE.
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