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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
So there are multiple builds that can make use of it, but it comes with trade-offs. That's how LGs are supposed to be. Categorizing it as niche is not a negative thing. Given the amount of LGs, they can't all be usable by a majority of players. They are all either niche (i.e. balanced), overpowered, or underpowered.

Nerfing drains has not been doing because it would make regen even more powerful against the builds which can currently make use of drains vs. them.
Nerfing drains would not make regener's more powerful. There are so many regen counters that its not hard to get one for ANY build. It would weaken doters who are ridiculously strong (and guess what MOST use REGEN).

Yes, there are SOME builds that can use this new toad. Because they can does not mean they will. Let me spend 50 mil for a pet i will rarely use, and even when i do use it, i likely wont be able to swap to it in time for it to make any difference.

So yes, there is a choice. Do i continue as i was... Or do i waste 50 mil gold on a a pair of pets that will in the end make no difference. But hey, maybe if i get some lucky rng i wont get crit and ill die in 3 more attacks instead of that 1 crit.
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