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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Tsutsu, we're not trying to make regen builds any better. Pointing out how it doesn't work well for an XYZ regen build is moot.

Self healing as in any form of healing that doesn't come from regen. In order for nonregen builds to work outside of 3v3 premade, they probably need to become viable.
Issue is this is "suppose" to be a counter to drains. Yet. the only format in which it could possibly work is premade where any serious team has a healer with staff of shielding which 100% countered drains. After myself and other supporting of asking for a drain counter for the NON premade formats (since we have 10+ months between premade seasons)

Yes it doesent help regen builds. It also doesent make the situation any better for those builds.

"tank" builds cant last long enough to taunt if they run the toad. If they run timmies they cant taunt. Both situations will end with the same result.

Caster builds CAN run the toad IF they dont also use regen. In which case it helps if they fight a drainer. If they dont fight a drainer there are other options that are much better to run. Yay niche item that only a very few will bother dropping ~50 mil into.

Non caster/non tank builds. Bms Could run it, but they lose out on vamp from stalker which is important to keep them alive. Melee/archer dps Can run it, but again, they either lose vamp/regen or lose dps (badgers/hogs). Again its a niche item that very few are going to drop ~50 mil to get.

I can go on and list every build in the game. Either The toad makes no improvement to the situation OR is slightly helpful in a small amount of fights that very few will bother to invest in.

The only way you could make non regen builds viable.. Is if you NERF regen. But we all know thats not your approach to the game.

Hell you could solve this situation (drains being WAY to strong, or 100% useless depending on if you have a healer or not) If you simply took some of the suggestions in the post that prompted this lg. Hell drains are not a lg. They cost next to no gold. No one is going to get their panties in a bunch and quit if drains were to get nerfed.
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