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Nerf that samurai bow as well while you're at it, the most frustrating item in the game.

That bow, especially combined with the shield, deals way too high damage and there aren't many viable ways to counter it apart from DoT (and even then healers just overheal all the dps as cure increases over time faster than dot dmg.) Just check top 20 teams and you'll see more than 20 samurai users in just those teams.

It's especially ridiculous in the upcoming arena format in which people aren't very organized. Most people will just kill themselves. Just like in last 3v3 random we'll get mostly tanks in top 20 and have tons of people slowing arena down with those shields causing more dmg than most dps toons.

Perhaps make the damage not scale with bonus or make the users miti lower the bonus dmg the bow adds.

Drains are another thing that should be looked at but they aren't really that big of a deal until 1v1
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