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Truth recruiting
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Talking Truth recruiting

TRUTH recently expanded and we have some spots open for anyone active that wants to join us.

We are a friendly and helpfull clan, no uncivil allowed in clanchat, no minimum monthly rp, r5 invention, 4++ and 3++ runes with r1 euphoric. Currently at 15% tax if im not mistaken, we recently aligned and also got a bunch of new players to join, all lvl ranges.

About the aligned wars, if ure not confortable with them, it's pretty easy to go around them: all u need to do is, instead of farming on a hidden spot, u just die in a clan battle (where u loose nothing, nor does the clan), and then u have 4h of farming without interruptions, considering that u don't lvl guerrilha warfare.

With no more expansions and new players, Truth is now getting back alive with our main goal being a clan with a great friendly environment.

You can reach us through forums by contacting me or Applegreen, or ingame by contacting once again me (Underkid), or Milkchan, or really any other truth member, just ask for us on nodiatis civil/uncivil chat.

Hope u all enjoy the game, and regardless of joining us or not pm us if u need help or tips or whatever ^^

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