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Originally Posted by Dewfire View Post
Seems post lv 5, gray magic users have Resistance auras to look forward to...
Wich Paladins boost just as well, together with alot more auras...

Nevertheless, I state again that I am not discussing the viability of a class.
Jeff already mentioned there are alot of new gem types coming.

I'd guess stuff like DoT recastables, HoT, and gems that will require the new system where you see the opponent's "in play" gems.

The only thing going here is about Grey and White Direct Damage getting 0% love.
They're the weakest DD, and get buffed by up to 15% by Angel/Enchanter...
But then those same classes can just use Red/Black gems and buff them by 35% with Inferno/Necromancy...

Simply put, as it stands, there will not be one single character lv20+ using White or Grey DD gems.

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