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So what are you saying?
That Grey and White Direct Damage (DD) gems are meant to be 100% useless in the long run?

At least Blue DD gems - even though lowest max damage - need no "Int" to max their damage, since they got static damage.
And for those who get their Int up, Red (mana) and Black (energy) direct damage are the best.

Why do Grey, White and Green Direct Damage gems exist, then?

I only expect them to be reasonable at the beginning, while focusing on White for healing, Green for balance or Grey for Miscellaneous reasons.

But then I most certainly expect them to - in the end - be useful for their favored classes - through class bonuses.

Green, Red, Black and Blue DD gems get bonuses from both certain Classes & Skills at lv20+, but Grey and White DD gems do not (only Classes).

Plus the bonuses from the skills are stronger than the class bonuses.

Therefore the 15% bonus to Grey/White DD gems granted by the Enchanter/Angel are no match against the 35% bonus that "anyone" can get to the already stronger Red direct damage gems, to the point where there is no purpose in using those gems. -_-

So Enchanters and Angels themselves will ultimately rather just max Inferno/Necromancy and use Red/Black DD Gems (wich are already better) than stick to their own class' favored color DD gems...

That means their Class bonuses are deceiving.

Green DD magic, while weaker than Red or Black DD gems, can become better if you are a Druid, due to Necromancy.
For the Druid - in that situation - Green+Class+Necromancy is stronger than Red+Inferno or Black+Necromancy.

So a Druid has a reason to make full use of her Class bonuses.
That does not happen with Angels or Enchanters.

For Angels/Enchanters, with Inferno/Necromancy, Red/Black & Green become undisputably better than their own "class improved" White/Grey DD gems...

I like to believe all kinds of gems will have a place in the end game.
To that effect, I expressed my concerns.

I am not debating wich class should be the strongest, or whether a class is weaker or no, I am actually only discussing the needless uselessness of certain gems, when there could be skills to make Enchanters and Angels want to use their own class improved DD gems...

I am not asking to have them have better DD than other classes...

So please try not to distort my concerns xD

This is not exactly a suggestion - it's more of a discussion, a reply to the thread, a comment, to the lv20 skill list presented.

And another reason for this not being a suggestion is that Jeff might indeed have all those angles covered at higher level skills (40+)

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