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I thought I made myself clear.

There is 1 class (Enchanter) that specializes in Grey Gems.

And while this holds true for many other classes specializing in many other Gems, the fact is that there are non-class skills enhancing all gems except Grey.

Furthermore, Grey direct damage gems are not that hot. That, coupled with the fact that there is no non-class Grey gem enhancement skill at lv20+, makes it a little bit annoying.

A direct opposite is that Blue gems get directly buffed by 2 lv20 skills: the one that buffs red direct damage, and Replay.

The first seems directly oriented towards Magicians.

Anyway, I shared my concern. Maybe Grey Gems are so kickass later on that any extra boost would make them overpowered.
But right now, I don't see anything like that.
And I only speak of what little I know.

Feel free to articulate your comments on my concern with valid notes.

If everyone gets aura bonuses then it makes Paladin and Dark Knight worth less.
I did not speak of any specific skill bonuses to Grey Magic.
A Grey Magic enhancing skill could give a 0.35% bonus (per point) to Grey Gem Direct Damage (wich isn't that strong)

I never spoke of buffing auras.

Furthermore, Jeff said bonuses multiply unless stated otherwise (as a net addition).

Even if "everyone" has access to a bonus to grey auras, that just means whoever gets class bonuses to those gems will result in an even bigger bonus.

Well, if you take a base Warlock bonus to Death direct damage gems (5%).

That means they deal 105% damage, while others deal 100%.

With Inferno at lv100 (35% boost to red direct damage), a Warlock will not deal 100% + 5% + 35%.
Instead, the Warlock will deal 100% *1.05*1.35 = 141.75%
While others deal 135%.

The advantage remains the same.

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