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Originally Posted by Khettry View Post
[LIST][*]winks on t30 should double the stack size or provide a t31 (or t32 for double winks) stack (generic pic same for all resources) to downtier for possibility of more t30 mats
To better keep this from being way broken (I can see stacks becoming 192 in some cases), I would suggest just causing a wink on an already t30 resource to add 1 to the base amount. Examples: foraging shows a t30 before winks, base becomes 7 at a single wink and 8 at a double wink. This would cause a normal 12x drop to be a 14 on a single wink, or 16 on a double wink.

It's not worldbreaking, but it gives a bonus where one would normally be due, but not given.
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