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Minor Arena Mods For Tourney Prep
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Default Minor Arena Mods For Tourney Prep

The maximum arena match duration has been changed to 5 minutes for all arena formats. It was previously 10 mins for 3v3 premade.

The PvP damage multiplier has been modified slightly, and only in the final minute of combat. Previously, it applied a gradual 14% damage boost every 10 seconds after the first minute of combat. Now it will also apply an additional gradual 12% damage boost every 10 seconds of the final minute, i.e. after 4 minutes of combat. This damage bonus is the same for all PvP combat (not beast combat) and in all arena formats, and always has been, in spite of something erroneously said in the recent tournament thread about it being related to max match duration.

Learned Defense works the same as always to reduce the total damage boost by as much as half, which--if you have not yet discovered--is extremely important for arena.
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