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I am all for each team facing each other. Way more fun. Like you said some teams dont have a chance to meet each other. This way you would meet every top team in a season.

16 teams, each play each other x2 or 3 times. That is 30 or 45 matches per team.

16/2 is 8, so 8 matches can go on at a time.

(face each team twice) 30 x 10 min fights is 5 hours. 30 x 5 min fights is 2.5 hours.

(face each team 3 times) 45 x 10 min fights is 7.5 hours. 45 x 5 min fights is 3.75

I hope my math is right. It would also be much faster than the times specified. As im pretty sure most fights don't come close to going the full length.

Have the very top teams (1-6th or so) face off on the same fight round, as they will be longer fights due to healers. This will reduce the time even further.

This way will also prevent teams redistributing stats just to counter certain teams. If you know your going to face a team of casters next you will redist your stats to full cnt etc.
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