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Originally Posted by Khettry View Post
The format doesn't seem proper. A purposefully low-ranked team, barely making it into tourney could rise to 1st if they were better than current victors, but teams wouldn't be ordered according to their ability to beat or lose to all the other teams in the tourney set.

Every team should face every other team in Tourney at least once. Rematches should be reserved for close matches, rather than guaranteed at each level.

For instance, I know we don't stand a chance against Lakki, Krim, or Alga's teams, so instant elimination because all members of victor's team's health is at 75% or more or fight lasts less than a minute in each of those cases.

There's also teams like Neela where we are pretty close going either way which would merit rematch to determine who's better, or on the higher end, say between Tsu and Lakki (as an example), who have rarely met in regular arena matches and might have a much longer fight or even a draw that would require rematches.

In cases where teams are so evenly matched that 10 or 15 minute fights still don't result in a victory, they could be analyzed for their performance against all the other teams to determine which is "better" for the purpose of the tournament. Otherwise, just let the fight go until someone wins.

Timing overall shouldn't be affected too much, but it'll help to give better results than just allowing the bottom team to float to the top without giving anyone in the middle an even chance of the same.
That would be a bare minimum of 15*8 matches, but more realistically, with best 2 of 3s for many of them, it would be 15*8*3 = 360 fights or 60 hours (2.5 days) of potential continuous fighting. It's not feasible.

The goal of the tournament is not to perfectly decide the rankings of the top 16 teams, starting from scratch. It's honestly quite irrelevant if the #16 team sucks vs the #15 team but could have beaten the #12 and #8 team due to favorable match-ups. The real purpose of the tourney is to provide a fun and entertaining way for teams to compete against those nearest their rank who they perhaps did not get a chance to meet frequently enough during the normal season, and prove definitely which team is better.

If anyone has an objection to changing the 3v3 premade season from max 10 min to 5 min fights, speak up now with your reasoning.
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