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I honestly enjoy most of the music in this game, Personally. I don't think there needs to be a music overhaul, but instead just add additional tracks for PvE/PvP.

I do agree on the startup music being loud , as well as there being a sound-panel interface that lets you adjust the sound of the gong, music, in-game sound effects, etc.

The in-game sound effects are fine if playing one toon, but they can be too loud when using them in arena or running multiple. I'd like to run sound, but its too loud over the music at times.

As far as overhauling the old original sound effects and replacing with new ones, I wouldn't mind it, as they've aged a bit. But do leave the PM sound alone, that one is a classic.

Adding different pitched gongs would be nice, one for arena, one for companions, and one for clan battle/PK's

Any chance we may see this added to the most wanted list? :P
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