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Weapon fusing
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Default Weapon fusing

Not sure how complicated it would be to implement but what if
We could fuse/merge/combine items with same class.

It could work 2 different ways:

1. place 2 weapons into forge and receive fused (name of weapon) which has average dps/speed of those 2 and 50% of each proc.

2. This one is more of a gamble/gold sink:

Forge 2 weapons and receive forged weapon with :

Min dmg = random value between values of min dmg of both weapons.

Max dmg = same thing: random number between values of max dmg's of both weapons.

New weapon would have both procs at value between 0 and 100% .

Technically it will be 4 RNGs involved while creating fused/forged weapon with various outcome .

You can get good procs but lower dps or better dps but close to no procs .

It's complex but it would open true variety of builds which I believe nod needs.


Same goes for speed . So 5 RNGs .

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