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I support more exp for resourcing skills as not even counting the lg one. just 0-100 endure for foraging at level 90 with capped skills. is 39,832,973 pulls. even if we pretend someone is gonna consistently do 500 mobs a day. which would still take burning tcs unless instakilling every fight.

39,832,973/500 = 79,665.946 days./365.25 = only 218.1134 years to cap endure. then you can set dowsing to active. i'm sure the numbers on that would be even more fun! i'm not saying buff them so we're out of skills in 2 years. but it would be nice if yanno. we could cap all the skills in our lifetime. maybe 10-20 years to cap...instead of 200. (400-500 with more realistic amount of mobs. and if you farm forest of no return area.....700-800?)
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