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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
More 'crappy gear' (that some of the people who say it sucks are already using).
Before knowing the new toad effects thefts as well as drains (assuming that drains only means drain gems not thefts as well since they are different, would also suggest changing impervious auras description since both it and the toad mention drains, one works on drains and thefts, one works only on thefts). Issue i had with the pet is its only viable to the build that used drains, doter. Thankfully the drain changes address the issue so *shrug*. Without the theft aspect on the toad it would be a different story.

Originally Posted by paulodjohn View Post
Staff users are the only ones who could use the drains optimally.

For some regeners give them 10-15 seconds without having listless and regening fully and they will go from 50%-100%.

For me I think i wont use drains anymore. They are too underpowered and will required way too many in pouch to actually work as intended. I agree they were a bit op the way they used to be. But i think nerfing them to the point where nobody will use is a bad idea.
Dots (both staff and dbl cast) still have options to deal with regeners. Yes its now not brain dead to use drain gems and keep rol out but that is still an available option as well as having chippy and gravebound from staff. Dbl having degen arrow as well as chippy.

Doters are still extremely strong. Ability to have high dmg while being tanky while easily being able to run heals for team if needed. They need to be weaker and this helps that but they are still one of the best builds pve and pvp.

Funny how when prevents were blue and op, you complained they were too cheap for countering high cost builds as well as one of the highest contenders to having them nerfed. Drains were the same thing but in reverse and complemented your build and now you dont want them to be useless.

I agree things shouldn't be nerfed and be 100% useless. Imo drains are not useless and still have a place in arena its simply changed and not the op thing that it was before.
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