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Originally Posted by Huggles View Post
I don't see how me being inactive is an issue. I pointed out the likely issues with Samurai Bow not long after its release even without having played the game, and those predictions came true. I won arena my first full season after returning to the game. But, who knows, maybe I don't know how the game works.

Basic issue that we've tried to explain:

Pretty much all builds that need manergy are shut down by drains. This means:
Tanks who need manergy to taunt
Healers who need manergy to heal
Casters who need manergy to cast
BMs who need manergy for auras
Melees who need manergy for auras
Archers who need manergy for auras

Of course, there's a 100% counter to this in the form of Shielding. That means healers (and people with healers on their team) can avoid being shut down by drains. Some staff casters can toss a few heals in their pouch and run Shielding to be immune as well. Everyone else has no real counter.

Then, you introduced Toad 2. As others have pointed out, using an item comes at a cost.

Who needed a drain counter? Pretty much everyone except Shielding healers.
Tanks need regen or a healer in order to survive. If they have a healer, toad is pointless. If they don't have a healer, they need regen, in which case they can't use the toad. In addition to removing the 75% buff that Timmy gives, you're also taking a 90-100% penalty from the listless aura, resulting in a total regen change of -94.3% just from switching a single timmy. It's simply not viable unless you find a way to make your Toad not hit (and thus not proc its aura), in which case your regen penalty is only 43%.

Staff DoT and DD would both probably just be better off running shielding with a few heals thrown in, but they can still run the toad. The cost here isn't too high.

.........Just realised you already changed drains. Not going to bother finishing.
The reason why I've stated that you need to specify the build that is OP and not the "issues/problem" is because the list of "issues/problems" can be, and will be, incomplete and not represent the full spectrum of pros/cons. Here's a meaningless list for example presented by someone asking for a werewolf buff, claiming their DPS is too low:
Werewolves who need more Dex to for piercers
Werewolves who need more Str for slashers
Werewolves who need more Derp for Derpers

If you're forced to list a build, then we can look and see if the build is actually outperforming other builds, and you can't cherry pick "issues" out of malice or by accident to make an argument that looks complete when it is not.

So once again, and forever to be ignored if you can't comply:
State the build that you think is OP. Not your past accomplishments, not your favorite color, not how hard you've been trying to explain something, not obvious truths that were never up for debate like "using an item comes at a cost."

The only reason drains were changed was because they were a pain in the butt mechanic, similar to incapacitates--not for balance reasons. The builds that were making use of them were not dominating this arena season.
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