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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
It's easy to be snarky. It would be harder to explain the problems you think still exist.
Like I've been saying, just introducing one item that counters something well doesn't help. What about the builds for whom this one item isn't viable? And then for the builds for which that item is viable, it's too strong. More options with smaller bonuses is better than one item with a big bonus.

Just like Timmies tripling regen doesn't make regen viable for builds not using timmy, anti-drain isn't viable for anyone not using the frog or staff.

Items with drawbacks that cripple some people but can be completely avoided by others don't seem like good design to me either. For example, Krisses can be used and still allow regen...on an archer or DCDD, and they still provide their insane 20% hit/50% incap avoidance. There is no detrimental effect suffered for getting that inflated bonus.

You wouldn't introduce a melee weapon that does 2x damage and nerfs your manergy regen because most melees wouldn't be affected by it, but you seem to be fine doing it where HP regen is concerned. I don't know why.

Here are some examples of a bad weapon ideas along the same lines:

Hammer of Critting
2H Crush
This weapon increases your chance to crit with all attacks by 15% and increases your crit damage by 10% but has a chance when striking to apply an aura to yourself which reduces your HP regen by 60%.

Bow of Mental Focus
Doubles the rate at which you regain mana but halves your energy regen.
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
If they put a nice icon on you it's beneficial if they put a mean one on the other guy it's detrimental.
Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
The player was banned for using an exploit repeatedly without reporting it. There's only 1 proper way to profit off an exploit: report it.
Originally Posted by Huggles View Post
Old Delay/(1+haste%) = New Delay

For slow effects, use the slow % but as a negative.

Just repeat for multiple effects.

DO NOT multiply by 1+slow% to get your new delay. 1*1.4 is not the same as 1/0.6 and your answer will be wrong.
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