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There are multiple ways I'm against toon sharing but the bigges issue is all the arena nonsense.

People really shouldn't be allowed to arena for other people. Lots of top players keep on arena'ing for lazy players toons or toons of players that haven't even been playing for ages just for arena rewards concentrating the wealth and making things harder for newer and weaker players.

Then there's the dodging by logging each others toons. That's another big problem and something should be done about that.

Maybe make it so that you can only q with same email toons at the same time from 1 ip and make it so that toons that share emails get banned from arena until next season if they face each other, while also limiting the email changes to 1 per season or no q'ing for that toon. There are ways around that too but would help the current situation significantly.

I'm tired and slightly ill so this post wasn't 100% thought through but I figured I should give my 2 cents before anything gets changed.
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