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Problems updated:

1. No longer applicable.

2. Queue Dodging - weekly hour cap will help mitigate but not eradicate. End of season tourney would certainly help, but it could prevent some from participating properly due to scheduling issues. EDIT: the minimum queue time is also an interesting way to fight this. Nice suggestion Sisix.

3. Purposefully sharing to use the same IP to avoid facing friend's team. To prevent this we could make it so having the same IP no longer prevents matchmaking. Downside is that people queueing multiple teams at the same time, or even different people on the same IP/network, would risk the -25pts penalty. Feedback welcome to this proposed fix.

4. Dodging share detection to face friendly team on purpose. While avoiding -25pts is obviously nice, at the highest ratings you don't want to face friendly teams and trade fights 50/50 since you lose more than you gain. Thus, this is only beneficial when one team has excess rating to throw away to an undeserving team of a friend/sharer. This is not likely to have any real impact on topmost teams since the benefactor of this needs to be a not-so-great one. Furthermore, doing it would be risky for the better team, considering the loss would show on their record: obvious red flag: a team with excess rating is somehow losing to a team they would normally beat and is likely friendly with or strongly connected to. This can only be prevented by being reported. Was there actually anyone at the top that you think was doing this last season? If so, you need to report at the time.
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