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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Freaky, it would be best if we isolated and numbered the issues you have, while being purposeful in also explaining the way in which they are giving an advantage to someone who should not have it.

1. Purposefully setting same e-mail to avoid facing each other. Advantage: Helpful at very high rating to allow two teams two fight at the same time who would otherwise risk lowering each others ratings when clashing.

2. Queue dodging made easier by sharing to maximize the amount of time in each 24 hour cycle a player can queue while still avoiding dangerous teams.

1. No longer works since e-mails don't prevent matchmaking anymore.

2. The proposed solution of limiting players to 84 hours per week (~12 hours per day) active time would actually help prevent this by shortening the effective time window, especially provided there was a minimum activity length. Example: Team Dodgy queues, activating their activity timer. They quickly leave the queue when they see team Jerry join. Team Jerry continues to play for the next 3 hours. Whereas in the past Team Dodgy would have had 24-3 = 21 hours to effectively queue with sharing that day, they now only have 12-2 = 10 hours. And that's assuming they are only trying to dodge 1 team in 1 timezone.
1) Yes i agree

2) While I agree that less time available will help dodging It is not a flat fix to it.

As well. 3) Toons being logged by friends to avoid fighting each other. Team 1 risks losing to teams 2, 3 and 7. They dodge teams 2 and 3 since they have no ability to access them. Only que with team 7 in que while someone has 1 toon logged from both teams 1 and 7.

Teams that after the changes fought each other, would then mysteriously never fight each other while both were in que. Before the changes they would never fight, After the changes they fought a few times. Then close to rush again, they would never fight. Just seems very suspect. Maybe at least for the higher rating teams there should be weighted match making to fight other higher rated teams more often?

4) I know changes were made at the same time as the email change; however, toons that were not owned by players were being used to arena. Maybe the "owner" just never logged them? Maybe that's why when they fought the owners other toons they were not penalized? Im not sure but many times toons with known owners were fighting other toons of the same owner with out the -25 being applied.

To be clear. Im not against the time limit changes. I just dont think they will solve all the issues. Maybe as time goes on and the changes are in effect from the start of the season and not near the end these concerns are fixed.
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