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DL, the rules were not changed to encourage character sharing, they were changed for the sake of clarity. No one has ever been banned just for character sharing - they've only been banned when that sharing caused major problems: typically when it bled into grey areas about ownership and parties were complaining to us about who owed who what. And you clearly understand this and agree to this, since it was your own suggestion in your last post in this very thread:
Originally Posted by Darklords View Post
there for it may as well just be left as it is. and declared in terms and conditions that toon sharing is fine as long as no drama is caused any drama will effect both users being banned
So, please, stop trying to imply we're doing stupid and/or hypocritical things by making changes that you agreed were for the best.

Raidens, thank you for an actual suggestion. Unfortunately, a login authenticator is only an impediment to sharing, and a poor one. It doesn't prevent sharers from communicating the app auth code or circumventing it (or any IP restrictions for that matter) completely via remote desktop sharing. It does screw over people who don't have cell phones, though. For these reasons, it is not being considered.

Freaky, it would be best if we isolated and numbered the issues you have, while being purposeful in also explaining the way in which they are giving an advantage to someone who should not have it.

1. Purposefully setting same e-mail to avoid facing each other. Advantage: Helpful at very high rating to allow two teams two fight at the same time who would otherwise risk lowering each others ratings when clashing.

2. Queue dodging made easier by sharing to maximize the amount of time in each 24 hour cycle a player can queue while still avoiding dangerous teams.

1. No longer works since e-mails don't prevent matchmaking anymore.

2. The proposed solution of limiting players to 84 hours per week (~12 hours per day) active time would actually help prevent this by shortening the effective time window, especially provided there was a minimum activity length. Example: Team Dodgy queues, activating their activity timer. They quickly leave the queue when they see team Jerry join. Team Jerry continues to play for the next 3 hours. Whereas in the past Team Dodgy would have had 24-3 = 21 hours to effectively queue with sharing that day, they now only have 12-2 = 10 hours. And that's assuming they are only trying to dodge 1 team in 1 timezone.
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