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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Using IP addresses as a means of detection or prevention is too easy to get around and would result in hassles for players without adding any real prevention.

The only viable way to prevent the benefits of toon sharing (not toon sharing itself) would be to limit weekly play on a character to something like 12*7 = 84 hours. This would keep us from hurting people who wanted to go on a bender and play 48 hours straight and still prevent toon sharers from getting more than 12 hours per day value from a character.

We'd be interested to hear if there are any objections to such a plan, and for what reasons.
Often goes on Nod benders. <----"go on a bender and play 48 hours"

In fact, one rush week I stayed in a luxury hotel suit for rush to avoid RL interruptions and catch arena dodgers sneaking into the arena late at night.
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