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I have to agree with darklords on this, toon sharing in the past got many, many toons banned. Then suddenly you openly welcomed it by making it a non ban-able offense.

Personally, I sit three toons, but only burn daily rrt. This should be allowed, since I am neither 24/7 "botting" or causing any side affect to the nod economy, but there needs to be an enforcement for toons that are shared and whored out and farmed for a long period of time every day.

IMO you should make an app, like Blizzard, or what Swtor have, which is an authenticator. I go to login on nod, and only with said app confirmation can i then login. And it will ONLY let you login if both IP for login/authenticator match. This completely stops all toon sharing for good. And it isn't difficult to implement.

As for alt toons I sit, this would cause an issue, meaning I cannot log them to play, so maybe if the toon is not yours, you can give a time limit on the authenticator, meaning if the toon does not share email with your main, the authenticator will only let you stay logged for up to 4 hours real time. Seems like it may be hard to do all of that coding, but it is the most effective way to tackle what this game has been plagued with. i'd personally favour this over any new content in 2019.
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