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Originally Posted by darklords View Post
there will be special treatment the whole point of this is to stop people from sharing toons not limit how much 1 person can use 1 toon, its like blaze pointed out with time constants all what will happen is once limit is reached on that toon they log an alt the whole point of this is to stop that, not to help people plan what toon to use up first. I think its established the person worst of by any sort of time constraint would be my self as i do play a huge amount of nod. personally i thought that was the whole point of a mmo to grind and enjoy the game.

Yes toon sharing is an issue is time constraint going to fix said issue no. would it stop people using others toons in arena no. there for it may as well just be left as it is. and declared in terms and conditions that toon sharing is fine as long as no drama is caused any drama will effect both users being banned
mostly agree. if bans did happen to both users in relation to drama and having more of a no nonsense attitude might decrease toon sharing a bit. since some people are willing to share with random noobs... the risk of them getting ripped off for a couple lgs then not sharing might happen. since getting ripped off > getting bant for making an issue out of the dumb choice. ofc wouldn't stop sharing much between people who do have 100% trust like some of the arena teams and such.
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