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i awoke from from a pastrami dream to a bologna life. where did i go wrong? was it taking the ham on rye instead of the turkey on wheat for my half sammich all those years ago? my mind was heavy with thoughts, and at a time when i needed to be more BLT than muffuletta. i look in the mirror and find myself weeping for my lost youth, my abandoned ambitions, my stale loaf of seven whole grains....

right? wrong? life? death? soup? half-sammich?

i shake the dream while getting dressed leaving my S.A.*(Sammich Alliance) uniform in the closet, choosing the plainclothes of a "hamburgerer" instead. i would make the meeting with no allegiance but to myself, no master but hunger.
my conviction was as strong as a nice thick ham on a jalape......NO! i must not think in these terms any longer! i've made my choice. i KNOW what i must do. i peek out the window and see my destiny. it fills me with conviction, with hope, with a rumbling in my belly. today. today will be the day. the day of the taco.
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