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Sorry scrambles but your post is kinda irrelevant. Hard to support that gem in 3v3 PvP when your opponents have drains of a variety. Also flip cant really afford to go more than 3 draws w/o a taunt otherwise we are dead. So as far as 'timing' replenishes there is no room for that. And to top it off teams have started to use exhaustion gems

PvE is simple to maintain....

regeners are a class that is has potential granted you are able to support the key gem, have the proper gear and skills. I attempted to make a tank bm/regener in hopes of using sacrigenesis and getting in combat ticks around 100 with 200ish average heals from pets. Had the supporting skills there but fell a little short with base regen without taking a huge dump on either defense or melee. I am going to boost nauts xp and will reroll once i feel I have enough for my next round

Although if flips final build is feasible he will hands down be one of the top 3 tanks in game

As far as in combat ticks flipy

HoT and DoTs were readjusted to have a set tick rate of 1.5s. It would seem I get 2 ticks of pre,mre,reg every 1.5s
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