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I could only assume that you are going to be using this for tanking since that is the gear i normally see you in so....

It is not hard tanking with sacrigenesis active, Ive been doing it for some time. All you need to do is stack a little bit of mre/pre and use r1/r2 taunts and youre good to go. And if you don't stack enough mre/pre then use transcendence and wisp lift to give you that extra boost in mana/energy that you need. When using the mana/energy restore gems, time them w/ your sacrigenesis.

Sacrigenesis really doesn't require any mana/energy to remain active since it has a no fail upkeep. So you don't have to give yourself a headache trying to figure out how to maintain it with your gems. Just time when it is about to eat your mana/energy and activate your continual mana/energy restoration gems right after sacrigenesis takes w/e chunk of mana/energy you had available. That should allow easy casting for your taunts.

I currently have 76 class enhancement, 71 class specialization, 71 combat recovery w/ 0 combat endurance and 0 combat concentration. With 127 mre and no continual mana regen gems active i gain 10-11 mana every time before sacrigenesis reactivates itself. Add 1 r5 transcendence and that is 15-16 mana per 5 secs. My pre is at 123 and it yields 9-10 every 5 seconds. Add 1 r5 wisp lift and that is 14-15 energy every 5 seconds.

Im sure most if not all of your regen stats are higher than mine along w/ green and blue magic so this should be much easier for you than it is for me. Just stack 25-50 mre and pre and get rid of that useless mst/pst. Get rid of your mana/energy cantrips and pick up some blood mana and blood power if you wish to aid your allies.

I have tested this method up to vd4 boss with scumby as my dps. Granted i didnt think about using an ac pot and he had to help heal after enrage, but what do you expect from a 1 week old lvl 85? Anyway the focus is on getting taunts off w/ sacrigenesis active. Through the whole fight with the gem active along with 1 r5 transcendence and 1 r5 wisp lift i was able to keep the boss taunted with r1/r2 gems using 74 cnc and only lvl 29 aggravation. Scumby didn't take a single hit that entire fight and i was able to maintain my 60-70hp/tick (700 reg) with little to no problem due to mre/pre.

Hopefully this has helped you any. I am still continuing my research on the class and lately I have not heard a single remark about regeners remaining as a crap class. I guess when you cause people to endure a 15-30 min duel just for them to bladow themselves, double cast themselves, watch your hp stay @ 100% the whole fight or at least put up a long decent tend to gain respect that rebuilds the regener class' name. Also i have seen an increase in regener alts and people asking for advice on how to build them.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask me.
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