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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
Sounds like the argument and/or problem is regen and Timmy is OP in non 3v3 premade where you can't rely on a healer. And no one is trying self healing as an alternative due to it being underpowered or simply unexplored. As more and more counters to regen and tools that only work for nonregen come out, though, that may be a necessity.

The overall/average effect of the crit resist doesn't appear to be fully appreciated yet. This reduces damage taken by a considerable %, especially in PvP, and especially against attacks that would have had a greater chance to actually end your life.
curious what you mean by self healing? You can do dmg and vamp, Regen with timmies, or be a healer. Gl trying to heal without being a full blown staff healer, you end up doing nothing. Your not tanky, you dont do dps, and you dont heal enough for it to be effective.

Yes timmy is op. When timmy was first dropped EVERYONE said it was op. And made nod not fun...

No regen counters so lets sit here and hit each other till someone gets 1 shot 5+ mins into the fight. So fun.

Im all for new effects (crit resist) issue is its rng. "sure hope i dont get crit as bonus starts to ramp up" or i can have a massive regen bonus with flat mitigation on every attack (especially in bonus when you dont need to crit to do massive dmg + it effects dots dmg. I know what i choose 100% of the time)
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