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I'm kinda on the one character at a time side of the fence.

I've tried playing with 3 characters and grouping with myself and for me its just a pain in the ass switching between instances to control them (Yes I can do it and with no problems, but I don't like it -- I prefer playing games with fluid interfaces). That leads me to feel discontent with the fact that other players are gaining an advantage over me simply because they're willing (in my perception) to put up with clunky interfacing.

On the other hand, I have nothing but fun when grouped with one or two other people. So far from what I've experienced, as long as they're around your level, everyone brings a lot to the table in a battle so you get much quicker fights and without all the window switching.

So I don't want to rain on the parade of all the multiplayers, but I hope combat does evolve to a point where it's unmanagable to play more than one account, but then again, I'm skeptical that it will. Players have a tendency to adapt somehow. And there are some really good players in Nodiatis already.
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