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Originally Posted by Freakymagic View Post
This issue is
1) This change... doesn't do anything except give faster ques when que is already at its fastest.
2) You said it was to prevent decay... During the times with the highest amount of players in que
3) The time limit is to prevent dodging. But dodging isnt happening...
1) Correct, and that's not a bad thing.
2) No, I said (in civil last night) that limiting the change to prime time was to prevent teams from using the patch during the wee hours of the night to avoid decay.
3) Great. It's still important to prevent it. An exploit that nobody is exploiting yet is an exploit waiting to be exploited.

I sympathize with late nighters, being one myself, but in PvP you either play when the other players are playing, or you're missing a very crucial part of the P v P equation. Nobody can fix that.

And for quoting yourself in your signature pic doing exactly what I just said not to do, you've been forum banned and muted in game. Not a martyr, just dumb.
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