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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
As previously numerically demonstrated: Arena isn't slow this season. It's slow compared to 1v1 and solo 3v3 queue, as expected, but it was already generating more fights per team per day than a typical 3v3 arena season, and that was prior to the prime time speed up patch which made it faster. It's slow at 4am in the morning, but that will always be the case. At the same time I was unable to get a match to pop queued for a AAA FPS released in 2018. This is the reality of the English-speaking global population's sleep cycle.

So before we try to fix something that isn't broken, let's get rid of the false narrative of slow arena and small or shrinking community. Compared to last year, both the average number of active players and revenue of Nodiatis is up. Suggesting otherwise is a tactic used by people who want to justify suggestions or bash changes when their argument cannot stand on its own. "But my level 90 friend derpymcflirpins quit." - no ****. People typically won't play the same game forever, but they tend to play Nodiatis longer than 99% of other games out there.

Let's also not forget, that "everyone hated" the last arena season far more than this season. The amount of whining about how unfair it was being matched up with a team that couldn't win far exceeded anything that's happening now.

So the "fix" is probably to log on, fight the other teams and let the chips fall where they may. Focus on PvE if arena isn't your thing but harvest the tokens for tempers and the farming bonus, and be happy you have them.
Of course arena is going to be slower at 4 AM, but instead of trying to remedy that the most recent patch was a slap in the face and a boost to people who already had way faster queue?

I will 100% agree that arena is faster, waaaaay faster than it ever used to be. WHEN there are people in queue. There's 0 incentive for people to queue at night and im fairly certain it's because of the 1500 rating gap thing they are literally either too low to fight my team that is in queue from like 19:00-07:00 or they have to ONLY fight me because low rated teams don't get any fights so no one actually queues at night.

People inevitably end up dodging after 1 or 2 fights vs us. I can't much say I actually blame them for it either, losing constantly vs the same team back to back to back to back gets really old really quickly. If they had the opportunity to fight other teams during this time that might make more people actually queue at night. There are a lot of people that are on in non prime-time hours, queue doesn't have to be slow at night but for some reason this season once 1 AM or so hits, it's slower than any season I remember before it.

Perhaps increase the amount of bonus gained for losing? Lower the rating loss people have to us when there's a huge gap in the rating? I don't know, all i know is that I'm tired of sitting in queue for hours with no matches at all.