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Most of us realize that arena will be slower or can be slower under certain circumstances. Like off peak times, Being very high rated etc. Personally I don't care how slow it is, or how boring it is (to an extent). All I care about is the amount of time I have to invest if I am on one of the strongest teams and want to win.

Right now if I want to win, I have to endure many hours a day of a slow queue. Nearly all of the time its matches that I already know the outcome before it even starts. The endless grinding gets old fast, especially when the time between matches creeps up to 20 mins and the rating gains drop down to 0.3 or so. Even got a 0.000 yesterday.

I play this game for the PVP and the good fights against other top teams. I want more of them. Any move from the current grind fest winning to a best team wins will only be good for this game.