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Arena Fix Ideas
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Default Arena Fix Ideas

A thread for any ideas of what could be done to fix the format since apparently everyone hates it. Mostly in 3v3 really. I don't see any issues with the anon seasons or 1v1.

Shorter seasons. everyone seems to want that. Maybe a prize adjustment if that puts out too many new LGs

I suggest leagues.
A hardcore league that forces 3v3 teams to have a certain amount of fights a day or lose a lot of rating. Maybe separated into day league and night league. This may bring a busier Q as well as have the more PVP loving people fight eachother as opposed to mixing in the crappy teams who just get stomped 24/7. Maybe NPC toons in there as well if its not full.

Casual League for lvl 80 to 90 toons that don't arena a ton but want tempers, prizes of course would also be casual. (could also be total EXP based instead of level)

A minor league - under 80 toons that want to learn and start PVP in nod (again maybe total lvl exp instead to prevent those low level LG wearin ppl from stomping everyone)

I realize the community isn't huge and arena is slow this season, its just a few ideas.

Post your own ideas, maybe someone has a really cool thing everyone will like... or at least most of nod

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