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Originally Posted by RogueTigeR View Post
basically... I do think there is a way to combat casters Cnc.... a decent amt of Cnt (I recommend no less than 250-275... 300+ is pretty good...and over that is even better).... my resistance skills are fairly high... 96.5 i think is my lowest to death magic, and it is the lowest % resistance i believe (diabolism). I resist a good deal. In addition to Cnt + resistance skills, one can play anti caster gems, I prefer incidental redirection and discourage jeweling b/c of replay skill...

Althou... I DO think something is a miss.... w/ resistance aura claiming a base 40% w/o repel/shared bliss + resistance skills + Cnt... you would think an avg. player w/ the r5 auras would resist a good 50-60%... AN AVG. PLAYER w/ avg skills and avg Cnt... but no... its more like 15-20% resists....

In addition... I STRONGLY believe anti-caster gems should be in effect for non-targeted AoE gems that land. Resists/reflects/do-unto's... SHOULD work, for it is the casters choice to play the AoE and risk losing the mana/en/HP for playing them.
dont forget your bloodcrystal sleeve either, extra 3%
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