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This may, or may not, be a good idea. For the stats to be convincing, you would need to know if those who received gifts were those who typically look for a fast-track. If so, they would have quit anyway. Or worded another way, what percentage of those who quit are grinders at heart that felt the generosity killed the game?

My guess is that this change works on the margins. I suspect that grinders are pretty self-sufficient at heart. It is far more common to hear, "Who is X? He's a cap and I've never heard of him." than "OMG! X quit? He was doing so well."

I may not often agree with Blaze about changes for the game but I recognize the hard work he puts into this game and his efforts to help others. He's not alone. I think the generosity is a motivator for them and I think most people in the game view this as a net positive.

I'm not saying that this will result in fewer players, but it's not clear that the overall results will be good.
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