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Resourcing Bug
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Default Resourcing Bug

I know the chances of finding t30 are low and what not, but I have 93 in foraging and have never ever found anything higher than a t27 and i have a compass and the epic foraging book and i farm heroic sometimes. I normally farm in vd3 or vd4. I have never gotten a t30 plant before. But my alt has 100 in mining and has found t30s in North Lake 3 times this week with compass and epic hammer. So I would just like to see if everything on my account is working like it should and is this normal?

Also, my biggest GR ever has been like 52k... My MC is at 78 and I have all the virts and accel and double accel and i have had several people tell me i should be getting higher. Can I get some clarification on this subject as well?

Thank you for reading and I look forward to your reply Glitchless
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