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I see... I am sorry

I did not realize that you are "special"

I will make it more clear for you.

I was locked out approx 6 hours before reset. At approx. 4 hours before roll over I was able to log on for about 30 seconds and was locked out again. This was long before you stated in an earlier post the the lockout happened.

I know that you are not only all-seeing, and are also apparently infallible. The one thing you are not is omni-present.

You did not experience everybody's lockout so quit acting like you did.

My first post was merely to show the ridiculousness of Glitch's post stating that nobody lost anything. I have no idea what the point of any of your posts is.

Are you some self-appointed guardian of all Nodiatian wisdom?
Or are you appointed by Nod to act like an idiot to so that people will go away without their point being heard?

OK...... answer this oh wise one. *makes offering of dead animals in the prone position*

If someone was at full or near full RRT when this incident happened..... Did they lose anything?

*backs away bowing repeatedly and waits for an answer*