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English is not my first language , but i don't see what CNT has to do with a 4% or 5% ability to prevent (from Epic Pets) :S how would you make that work, if my pet has 200+30cnt would i get X% more chances depending on my Pet CNT to prevent?

What i really would like to know because im a little confuse (i blame it on the language) What is a magic effect, those that come from Death, Psych and Life cause my magician has bonus to Blue and Red magic Effects i am guessing is just Gems Effects right?

Either my english is pretty bad or the description is kinda bad.. ( cause i assume burning is a red magic effect but i dont get any bonus out of it when i do Burning Soul, i know is it a "Death magic effect" but where are the red magic effects or blue? only from gems right?

Wouldn't it be easy for people that don't have English as a first language to change that description to red/blue magic gems ? or red/blue magic GEMS effects.

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