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((holy crap, an update?!))

After a brief stop at the Council to pick up Kate and inform their allies there of the mission, the Riders take to the skies again. For several days they fly east, stopping only twice a day to rest and eat. One week following their departure from the Council, they reach a small city.

^Droxi... let's set down outside the city. I'll approach the gates by myself; I've been here before, so they'll likely be more receptive if I introduce us.^

^Sounds like a good plan.^ She roars over to Jacuel in Draconic, who nods his approval. The two land, their wing flaps causing waves to flow through the grasses below. Clint dismounts, asking Kate to stay back for a moment. She nods silently as Thor comes to her side.

Clint looks at Thor. "I'll be right back. The people here are probably about ten different kinds of confused right now - it's been a generation since dragons were here."

"Go on, talk to them. Just... be careful," Thor says.

Clint nods and approaches the city walls. As he nears the gates, they open enough for a small band of soldiers to come out, their pikes pointed at the dragons in the distance. A man follows them, clad in lightweight leather armor. "Never thought I'd see you again, Arkanis..." The man glances at the beasts behind. "Or any of their kind." His hand rests on the hilt of a thin longsword in its sheath.

Clint holds up his hands before him. "Hands off the weapon, Joran. I'm here to talk."

Joran grins slightly. "You know, I should be offended that you would think this would be a threat," glancing down at the hilt. He removes his hand from it. "But you know how quickly that sword can end up at a man's throat." He extends a hand forward. "How have you been?"

Clint smiles and shakes the man's hand. "Good. I've been putting the skills we used to practice to good use in the west."

Joran gestures to the group behind Clint that they can come forward, and the soldiers slowly move into a more friendly stance. "We had heard there was some sort of war going on. Even heard tales of a... Dancing Demon?"

Clint chuckles. "Yeah... they used to call me that during the Arkosian occupation. You should've seen it," he says, turning slightly to look at his comrades and wife. "Some of the bastards even wet themselves."

Joran laughs heartily. "Ah, westerners... your countrymen sound like an entertaining bunch. I might just have to visit next time there's a war!"

The group reaches the two men. Thor speaks up: "Hate to disappoint, but it's actually pretty peaceful over there these days. That's actually why we're here." He extends a hand. "Name's Thor. Clint and I, with help from a number of others, have reformed the Council."

Joran raises an eyebrow at the man. He hesitantly shakes his hand. "The Council... you don't say. I suppose that explains those two," he says, looking up at the dragons. His gaze turns to Kate. "Doesn't explain her, though... she doesn't look like much of a Rider."

Clint glares at Joran.

Seeing this, as well as the bands on Kate and Clint's fingers, Joran realizes his offense. "Though... appearances can be... deceiving..."

^Jac, did we bring a shovel? I think he's trying to dig a hole,^ Thor thinks, trying not to smile. The dragon blows his cover by laughing out loud.

"Anyway, um... I suppose you'll be talking to the Masters, then?" Joran looks at Clint, biting his lip slightly.

Clint inhales deeply and slowly. "Yes. Yes, I will."

"Well, you know the way to the temple. You also know the rules. We'll take care of your companions while you speak with them," Joran says as he turns and begins to walk back to the gates.

"The rules are going to change a bit."

Joran stops. "What did you say?" The man remains facing the gates.

"Thor's coming with me. I'm not going alone."

Joran turns around, staring into Clint's eyes for a moment before speaking. "You know that such a thing hasn't happened in decades."

"And there hasn't been a Council for centuries. Things are changing," he states, staring the man down.

Joran grinds his teeth together. "I'll notify the Masters. Just... pray you don't offend." He turns back to the city. "It would be a shame for the West to lose its reminder of our skill."

((also: I've starting work writing stuff based almost entirely on the RP's we've done. I've got chapter one of book one done, and it's... well, it's alright. I'll edit it as time goes on, I'm sure. If I eventually end up with a book deal, I'll be approaching several of you to discuss legal BS! If not, I'll just release it free online. TOTALLY STOKED ABOUT THE BOOK(S) AND THIS RP AND BRIGHT ERA RIGHT NOW OMG. i bet you cant tell.))

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