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Meanwhile, on the ethereal plane...

Ehlmaris gazes at a vision of the events on the earthly world. His arms are crossed, his expression stern. He shakes his head. "We can't allow this. You can't allow this," he demands as he turns to Baradreth, King of the Gods.

"We have no choice."

"You have to do something!"

"There is nothing we can do."

"You can send me back! I can stop this from happening! I-"

"You started this. YOU brought this upon the world, Darislav."

"But I never thought-"

"That's right. You never thought about the repercussions of your actions. Had you thought, this would not have come to pass. We put our trust in you. The Pantheon put its powers in you. You failed us. You betrayed our trust."

"So you're just going to sit back and watch?! Don't you care what happens to your world?!"

"It hasn't been our world for millennia."


"We would like nothing more to intervene. As I told you... we have no choice."

"You're the Gods. You made this world. You can save it."

Baradreth sighs, shutting his eyes. "We... are powerless in this."

Ehlmaris opens his mouth as if to speak, but no words come. No words can express his confusion.

"Allow me to tell you the full story... of the Ancients."

He didn't already? thought the human. "I thought you had imparted your knowledge to me..."

"We left some parts out."

"But why?"

"Because of the only thing that you humans can claim as yours. The only thing you had truly created. The one thing that we never foresaw. Pride."


"We... I..." The God falters. "I have been too proud to admit that we have weakness. That we are now powerless. The Cataclysm... the tragic event that burned the world ten thousand of your years ago... the final event of the War of the Ancients. Their power was not the cause. We were. The Ancients truly threatened us - they could have destroyed us, leaving the world to their own wicked schemes. Their technology had become so advanced that they could not be defeated by anything less than the combined work of the entire Pantheon. We had to rain fire on the world. We had to strike them down, and the only way to do that was for the world to be engulfed in devastation."

The human gazes in awe, trying to even picture such wrath.

"I hoped that humans would survive. I hoped you would have a second chance. I hoped that you would be able to do things right. I held back. And that... is when I became the King of the Gods."

Ehlmaris shakes his head. "But... but you're... that can't be. You were always... ALWAYS!"

"So we told the survivors. But I was a mere servant, as you are to me. I oversaw the creation of humans. I gave them life, soul, thought. They gave me pride. Pride in my creations. I could not believe that I had done wrong, so I held back. As a consequence your race lives... but the Ancients were not destroyed, only lost. My superiors pushed so hard that day... they used so much of their power... that they were destroyed as well. He Who Is... for we had no name for our Almighty Lord... was consumed. At that moment we were banished to the ethereal plane. We have never been able to return to your world. Our very existence is bound to you... to humanity's belief in us. It has never been as strong as it was then... The Ancients all believed in us. They saw us. Every day we would walk the streets, the plains, the forests. Every day we would openly display our power. Now... the world has lost its faith."

"But, the Order..."

"...has been corrupted. You saw it with your own eyes. Your former master at the Order helped enslave your own people."

"So... what can be done?"

"Humans must stop this before it is too late. For us to have power, humans must put their faith in us. But now, for us - for your world - to exist, we have to put our faith in humans. You've proven us wrong twice... the Cataclysm and now. My own creation has failed me twice. I gave you a second chance. Can you give yourselves the same?"
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