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Thor opens his eyes slowly as the sounds of a new day begin around the village. He turns his head, kissing his mate on the forehead, careful not to wake her. He gently rises out of the bed and, once firmly planted on his feet, he turns back, smiling as he sees the dragoness smiling away in her slumber.

He dresses and walks onto the street, taking a moment to breathe in the fresh mountain air. The Rider looks around, raises an eyebrow, and looks around again. Clint's not out and about yet? He's usually an early riser... He couldn't have kept himself up all night with Kate... He crosses his arms and laughs internally. Couldn't blame either of them, though. He walks around the village briefly, checking in with the inhabitants, taking a moment to greet the new recruits and check on their progress. After a few minutes, he heads toward Jacuel's resting spot.

^Jac... warn me now if I'm intruding on anything.^

^You're not, trust me. I was wondering when you'd wake up... we've got things to discuss.^

Thor's pace quickens as he approaches the dragon. ^What? What's going on?^

^It's Droxi... she's sensing something is amiss with Clint.^

He reaches the dragon and sees Jacuel nuzzling Droxi, who is clearly worried about her partner. "What? Droxi, what's going on with Clint? I thought he'd be ecstatic. What? Is he awake?" he asks rapidly in the Draconic tongue.

"He is... but he's shut me off completely. He's never been able to shut me off like this before. Last thing I sensed was that Kate told him... well, she gave him news."

"Oh, that. He probably just wanted to... celebrate. Didn't want to interrupt your time with..."

"Thor, he's not happy," the female interrupts.


"He's panicking. That's all I know. He's been up all night."

Thor stands frozen at this. It had been forever since he first became a father... more than the span of a normal human's life. It was still clear in his mind, however... the joy, the excitement. "That... that makes no sense. I thought he'd be ecstatic,"

"As did we," Jacuel pipes up. "But he's anything but."

"I'll check on him." The dragons nod at him. Thor turns around and heads toward Clint's chambers quickly, with intense concern written all over his face. As he walks, heads turn along the streets. Once someone has lived more than a century, they tend to take things slowly. Their moods rarely swing. The transition from the regular jovial Thor to his current disposition hadn't been seen in the mountains since the wars.

Thor knocks on his fellow Rider's door. "Clint, are you up yet? Kate?" He knocks again, a bit impatient. He reaches to knock a third time and almost knocks on the face that opens the door.

"Ma... err, Thor..." says Kate, still not quite used to having her freedom. "Good morning... what can I do for you?"

"You told Clint?" he inquires in a hushed yet urgent tone.

She looks down, wringing her hands. "Yes."


"He's... on the balcony."

"I want to talk to him."

"I don't know... he's a bit, um..." She looks up and glances over. Clint rose slowly, faintly hearing Thor at the door. "I don't know if he feels like conversation... he's a bit groggy."

"I'm wide awake Kate." Clint walks over as if in a daze. "Thor... hey... What's up?"

The elder Rider takes a moment before responding. "I... should ask you the same. I just spoke to Droxi."

Kate looks at her husband, who stares at Thor. "Droxi? I..." He thinks for a moment and realizes that he hadn't overheard anything from his dragon partner since Kate gave him the news. "Oh... right. Sorry. I'll check in."


"What is it Thor?"

"Are you alright?"

He nods slowly for a moment. "I'll be fine."

"Want some company returning the news to the Empire?"

Clint continues nodding slowly as he reopens his mental connection to Droxi. "Yes... yes, please."

"Okay..." Thor watches him a moment and then sighs heavily. "I'll start making preparations for a day trip. I'll come and get you when we're ready to go." He starts to turn and then calls over his shoulder. "Oh, and you're going to let one of us in on what's bothering you. Me, Jac or Droxi. We're a team. Can't have you thinking out of the situation if things get heated." The Rider leaves just as concerned as before.

Never say that again, Clint thought. Anything but that.
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