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Thanks, that helps a bit, so if you don't up STR but you have your staff skill maxed, do you still get average damage with the staff versus almost always minimum when your staff skill is too low?

My Blue gems tend to be balanced in what they use and my Red gems tend to use lots of mana but I'm using a balance gem at the moment so I'm always about equal and I stay in combat till they are balanced out then exit, I can see staying in combat a bit longer then switching out another bag (working on passively getting wizardry 10 atm)

Was hoping to use the second bag for escapes too, ran into a boss the first square out of t2 and all my gem slots filled so no chance to escape. Also, what schools are the restore gems generally in? I've already got blue and red magic, staves and suiting that I need to keep on the brink of awesome compared to level in order to best make use of rested time, what other skills am I going to have to add to this?
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