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This is what I'm doing current with my Alt.

Level 17:
Melee - 9
Magic - 26
Defense - 19
Recovery - 17

That is one stat point from levelling. If I want to level, I would level recovery by one, and I'd be level 18. Problem is that the pet forest/orc camp is pretty far away, and if I level, I'd either be using gate potions to get there, or get reduced xp from the mountains, or attempt to kill lv 20 & 21 mobs (solo for the xp boost).

Or: I can level defense almost to 19, magic almost to 26, and melee almost to 10. Then level recovery all the way. That way, all I need to do is fight 1 or 2 mobs in each stat to get Melee to 10, Defense to 20 and Magic to 27 without getting a big xp penalty while doing it. Then all I have to do is level Recovery twice and I have 2 levels without taking a big xp hit or using a lot of gate potions to level defense that 311k xp for level 20.
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