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hmmmm.. on all of this information, i am beginning to seriously reconsider my foray into crafting.

I was hoping to gather most ingredients, and make things myself to sell on at a profit, but
1- its time consuming, especially gardening.
2- it takes up so much room to collect necessary items
3- if u are only able to sell the ingredients, the auctionhouse is packed (maybe should be subcatagorised in the trade resources section? e.g. silks, woods etc) and you won't really make enough money for it to be worthwhile.

I like the idea of crafting etc, makes the game quite good in that respect, but its a fair nuisance to do. Have only just managed to make some mongoose leather, after figuring i needed to make oils from fish and vegetables too. And then i still need to figure out a recipee i can use it in, to make an item of use.. lol.
Actually, anyone know where i can find a master recipees list so i don't need to dismantle loads to find out? XD
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