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Perhaps this then... on the 'purchase virtues' page you get when you buy them through a piece of gear, put a link to buy the remaining/whole pack (or as many of them as you have tcs). Or if the 25 tc (or higher) stack of tcs is purchased, let the option appear for that toon. But then how would they know it's appeared? hm.

At the moment, even the information on that page, doesn't speak anything about how many there are or how to get to (face required atm) where you can buy them all. I've seen a few people drop funds to buy all upgrades in the first week, hit the game hard and sadly leave after a few months - but they played how they wanted to play and enjoyed it. I've seen nodders suggest virts first believing they are better return on your money over time until cap (and yes, even in light of new #9 with nubs not getting free outfitting, they would likely have the same opinion).

I absolutely support the no overload idea. Although, if someone wants to spend money.....

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