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People with multiple teams in the top is not going to influence our decision, however, the administration difficulty of many simultaneous matches goes way up w/ Khettry and Paulo's suggestions, and the quality for potential spectators goes down. We'll be starting matches manually for the first tourney, and running 8 or more at once is not feasible.

As for the potential to prep for team you will face, a team (let's say the #1 team, since it's easiest for them) can attempt to predict that they will face the #2 team (believing #2 will win their match, yet not knowing that for sure or even who #2 will end up facing) and they can prepare for them based on that belief. This requires an assumption, and could backfire if #2 does not advance. All other teams need to worry about who they will face from both above and below their rank, and due to the proposed format, a team will start fighting and continue fighting until eliminated, with extremely little time in between matches to prepare for the next team. That same tiny time window applies to the next team they face, i.e. you will not know who is advancing to fight you until they win, and you will enter the arena vs. them moments later. There is not likely to be enough time to make any major build changes, just the typical adaptation once entering the arena.

It may be hectic this first tourney, but we're going to attempt to have less than 30 seconds of dead time between matches.
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