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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
You can't expect 3v3 queues to be anywhere near as fast as the other seasons, especially when you get into top 5 territory due to the 1500 rating gap you mentioned.


In less than 1 month, your team has 1200+ arena fights. There's not a single 3v3 premade season in the history of Nodiatis (that I can see) that has had a team in the top 10 with so many fights per month.

Furthermore, the system was tweaked on purpose to make it more difficult to farm the same teams repeatedly during off hours. This was a dodger strategy (I'm not suggesting you're dodging) used in previous seasons that required a nerf - not a buff that rewards sitting in queue during off hours. Play prime time against prime teams. Don't whine when you can't get fast queues in the middle of the night.
That makes sense I suppose , we queue like crazy for the bonus, and tokens. A particular motivator was that you said it would be a short season, so we wanted to get as many tokens as possible, ASAP.

As far as "dodging" goes, we queue several hours throughout the day and feed hundreds of rating to Freaky, and sometimes brooke's team if we are awake that early. Although we mostly queue mid-day to evening, and when evening hits, the queues get slower closer to reboot. So if we are dodging, then we are doing a pretty bad job at it

I think the point i was trying to make was that I think people aren't queuing as much as they used to, regardless of the fact that we have most matches, in the shortest time-frame. but, then again, maybe we just queue........ A lot

1200 matches in a month isn't bad though, right?

thanks for quick response on that, that clears my head. we just no life the hell out of it, that's the problem O.O